Winter 2019-2020

It’s been a busy winter with non stop lacrosse! Wrapped up the fall Yellow Jackets season with the Prime Time tournament in Maryland. The tournament was great and I’m going to miss the 2020’s that will be graduating this year.

YJN 2020/20201 Fall Team

Right after the fall season ended YJN started tryouts for the 2020 summer. I made the 2021 Mager/Molfetta team! The summer schedule is below.

In November I started training with ReConn Lacrosse! Every Wednesday I’m out there working on footwork, shooting and agility.

Working on dodges at ReConn

In December Ultra Lacrosse started. Ultra is short field 8v8 indoor lacrosse played every Saturday afternoon in Carmel, NY. Fast paced and a great opportunity to use the techniques that I’ve been working on with ReConn.

If that was not enough Brookfield High’s Coach Robusto is running conditioning Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs after school. This will continue until the official season starts.

I’ll be playing on the Maeger/Molfetta this year. These are some great coaches. You can check out their profiles here.

Tuesday, June 2, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Wednesday, June 3, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Thursday, June 4, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, June 6, 20SCRIMMAGE VS YJ
Tuesday, June 9, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Wednesday, June 10, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Thursday, June 11, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, June 13, 20LAX AMPLIFIED
Sunday, June 14, 20LAX AMPLIFIED
Tuesday, June 16, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Thursday, June 18, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, June 20, 20LAX FEST
Wednesday, June 24, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, June 27, 20TBA
Sunday, June 28, 20TBA
Wednesday, July 1, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Wednesday, July 8, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, July 11, 20SCRIMMAGE VS YJ
Wednesday, July 15, 20TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, July 18, 20NE SUMMER SIZZLE